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Gamemasters corner

Post  Daemian Lucifer on Thu Oct 22, 2009 5:22 am

Just the current GM should post in here.The story so far,summed actions of players,enemy stats,prices,tables,all those go in here.And nothing else.

Original rules.

Modified rules:

Character Generation
Roll d20+d8 for each of the five attributes - Beef, Brains, Hammer, Coruba and Luck. Refer to table below for penalties and bonuses due to low and high scores.

Damage Languages Use Roll To Hit Bonus Hit Chance to
Score Bonus Usable Bonus Bonus Points per Die Be Lucky
2 -4 1 -4 -4 -4 10%
3-4 -3 2 -3 -3 -3 20%
5-7 -2 3 -2 -2 -2 30%
8-12 -1 4 -1 -1 -1 40%
13-17 0 5 0 0 0 50%
18-22 +1 6 +1 +1 +1 60%
23-25 +2 7 +2 +2 +2 70%
26-27 +3 8 +3 +3 +3 80%
28 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 90%

Hit Points
Roll a d6 and refer to the table to determine starting hit points. Extra hit points are gained in the same way for each experience level gained. If reduced to 0 hit points a character is dead, unless a Luck roll is successfully made. Damage can be healed by resting; a full night's sleep restoring up to Coruba hit points. Be sure to add the Coruba hit point per hit die bonus to each die rolled for hit points.

d6 Hit Dice
1 1d20
2 2d12
3 3d10
4 4d8
5 5d6
6 6d4

Character starting money is $100. Weapons are available as follows:

Wapon Cost Example Bonus
Wimpy $50 Knife +1
Normal $150 Sword +2
Beefy $500 Gun +3
Mega $1500 Attack Chopper +4

The bonus can be either to hit,or to damage.A weapon can have both a bonus to hit and to damage,in which case its price is sum of the prices for the two bonuses.So a pistol with a laser sight that has +1 to hit and +1 damage would cost $100.
Miscellaneous equipment is available at $10 each. This includes all non-weapons. If wielded as a weapon, miscellaneous equipment gives no damage bonus.

1 experience point (XP) is gained for each thing killed, puzzle solved or $1000 gained. Only the person inflicting the killing blow on a thing gets the XP. Each square number of XP gained (ie 4, 9, 16, 25, ...) is an experience level and gives extra hit points.

The enemy will have a number of hit points either chosen by its creator or rolled randomly as above for characters, and will be unarmed or equipped with some type of weapon. Anyone can attack first, depending on the circumstances, and attacks then go in a cyclic order until combat is over. To attack, roll a d12 To Hit and add the Hammer To Hit Bonus. Refer to this number to see the attack result. The damage listed as dice is rolled for unarmed combat, modified by Beef Damage Bonus - and also weapon damage bonus if a weapon is used.

Adjusted d12 Result Damage
12+ Instat Kill Kill
11 Critical Hit 2d10
10 Excellent Hit 2d8
9 Good Hit 2d6
8 Hit 2d4
7 Scratch 1d4
6 Near Miss Opponent -1 next To Hit roll
5 Miss Nil
4 Bad Miss Opponent +1 next To Hit roll
3 Self Hit 1d4 to self
2 Backfire 2d4 to self
1- Critical Backfire 2d4 to self and weapon useless

Equipment Use
To use a piece of equipment or do anything tricky, like climb a wall or pick a lock, a d12 Use Roll is made, modified by Brains Use Bonus and referred to on the Use Table. This applies to spells and psionics.

Adjusted d12 Result Effect
12+ Critical Success Patent idea, get $1000
11 Amazing Success Double effect
10 Excellent Success +2 next Use roll
9 Good Success +1 next Use roll
8 Success Success
7 Borderline Success Roll again with +1 for better result
6 Borderline Failure Roll again with -1 for better result
5 Failure Failure
4 Bad Failure -1 next Use roll
3 Severe Failure 1d4 damage to self
2 Massive Failure 2d4 damage to self
1- Critical Failure 2d4 damage to self and equipment destroyed

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Re: Gamemasters corner

Post  Daemian Lucifer on Thu Oct 22, 2009 5:26 am

Map used:
Google map,gorleston on sea

Here are the characters that are playing so far:

Daemian Lucifers character:

Level 1(xp 4/9)

BEEF 10 (Damage Bonus -1)
BRAIN 25 (Languages Usable 7; Use roll bonus +2)
HAMMER 27 (To Hit Bonus +3)
CORUBA 14 (Bonus Hit Points per Die 0)
LUCK 11 (Chance to Be Lucky 40%)

Hit Dice 6d4

Starting hp 10
Current hp 31

Ok,so Priscila Worthington,born in the life of wealth,ran away when she found out her father used all means to gain it.She joined the army to get as far away from him as possible.She even chose a base far away the town she was born in.And she never speaks of it.18 years old as of four months ago.Rose to lance corporal incredibly quick.The only things she owns are those that army has provided her.Not very strong,but incredibly agile,and skilled with her modified sniper rifle(+1 to hit,+1 damage).

Oh yes,languages:english,german,french,russian,norwegian,mandarin,and computer(substitute with java,c++,or any other you can think of.Basically,skilled with program languages).

Sniper rifle(+1 to hit,+1 damage)

AnnieFans character:

Level 2(xp 12/16)

BEEF 6 (Damage Bonus -2)
BRAIN 25 (Languages Usable 7; Use roll bonus +2)
HAMMER 5 (To Hit Bonus -2)
CORUBA 12 (Bonus Hit Points per Die -1)
LUCK 5 (Chance to Be Lucky 30%)

Hit Dice 4d8

Starting hp 12
Current hp 34?

My character is a 16-year-old boy named Nik Yakuna. I work as an intern for a large company which produces biochips. I'm currently working on circuits for the latest brain chip model, but I've never seen the full blueprint, so I'm not quite sure what improvements are being made. I live in an apartment provided by the company, since I'm not legally old enough to buy a house. I also secretly supply lasers for one of the major gangs in the city (so not exactly Lawful Good here...)
As for appearance, I have short black hair (I'm Japanese but I speak English fluently) and bright blue eyes (My parents had me genetically altered when I was younger and still lived with them). My only other distinguishing feature is a small scar on my right hand. I'm tall and thin, and carry a handmade laser pistol and an asthma inhaler.Languages:English, French, Japanese, Spanish, German, computer language, Gorleston slang.

machinegun(+2 damage)

Tanebs character:

Level 2(xp 10/16)

BEEF 28 (Damage Bonus +4)
BRAIN 10 (Languages Usable 4; Use roll bonus -1)
HAMMER 8 (To Hit Bonus -1)
CORUBA 12 (Bonus Hit Points per Die 0)
LUCK 16 (Chance to Be Lucky 50%)

Hit Dice 2d10

Starting hp 14
Current hp 35?

Right. My character is Dumb Muscle. By name and by matter. He carries two clubs, and speaks English, Gorleston Street Slang, Geordie Street Slang, and Paris Street Slang. But he's not very good at English. He often almost always does things without thinking about them.Previously, he went around making a living beating up people for various gangs. However, he suddenly found himself drafted into the military after a short trip to Gorleston. he soon proved excellent at the melee tasks, but when given guns he just crushed them. So now he just does what he's told, with the army.

kevlar body armor(1 damage reduction)
steel spiked knuckles(+2 damage)
5 steroid syringes

Strong Vaders character:

Level 2(xp 5/9)

BEEF 13 (Damage Bonus 0)
BRAIN 21 (Languages Usable 6; Use roll bonus +1)
HAMMER 8 (To Hit Bonus -1)
CORUBA 22 (Bonus Hit Points per Die +1)
LUCK 14 (Chance to Be Lucky 50%)

Hit Dice 3d10

Starting hp 19
Current hp 45

My name is Who. Charles Who, D.L.S. (Dark Lord of the Swiss, online degree). As an intergalactic P.I., I was blasted to Earth five years ago on an emergency escape pod. Luckily, this uncharted backwater of the Galaxy had a long and extensive article in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and set myself up as a PI.

I heard heavy footfalls up the steps. Must be the landlord looking for his rent again. I set aside the illegal (by Galactic standards; Earth authorities never heard of such a weapon) modified Kill-o-Zap pistol I was polishing on my desk, when the door was broken down by the robots. They only needed to blow up the desk before I realized they meant business. I flung myself out the second story window into Dumpster full of cardboard boxes, while the windows blew out of the offices in the block behind me with a laser sword and one of those techno-sheets of paper on the basic broadband network (there goes my budget). In the Dumpster was a discarded newspaper with news on the robot invasion. I head up to the Yarmouth Power Station.

Oh, and I have AB positive blood (in character, I don't know in real life) and the Hitchhiker's Guide (had it before)

Is a ghost(2 damage reduction,half damage dealt)


BEEF 28 (Damage Bonus +4)
BRAIN 17 (Languages Usable 5; Use roll bonus 0)
HAMMER 3 (To Hit Bonus -3)
CORUBA 17 (Bonus Hit Points per Die 0)
LUCK 12 (Chance to Be Lucky 40%)

Hit Dice 6d4

Starting hp 13
Current hp 13

im an extraterrestrial from the pleiades. my job is to investgate evil brain chip factorys. i gt here 4 years ago. my name is nuke gundark. i have hair all over and 9 fingers on each hand. i have 1 eye , and green with pointy ears and 7.5 feet tall i have a knife, a viewer scope (binoculars), medical kit, and $30.

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Re: Gamemasters corner

Post  Daemian Lucifer on Sat Oct 24, 2009 12:38 pm

So,let begin:
Off the shores of gorleston there is a reef with unusual currents that keep everything inside it.Once something falls there,it will stay there.For this reason,britain has been using it to dump its unwanted weapons and robots here,knowing that no dangerous chemicals would ever leave and contamite its waters.They even rent this scrap yard to other countries that have nowhere to store their radioactive waste and obsolete weapons.

During the years,this heap of waste has grown so much that it turned into a metalic island.And since not all robots were deactivated before being dumped here,some of them started roaming around,collecting scrap metal,and building.Yet no one cared.Until today,that is.

People monitoring this piece of "land",saw several explosions appearing on the surface,at 08:17,on thursday,22. of october 2009.Less than ten minutes after that,gorleston was bobarded with metalic balls that opened on impact and let thousands of spiderlike robots loose on the populace.With lasers,bullets and rockets shooting at everything that was moving,Before the military could react,large portion of this port was turned into firey ruble,with people running in panic trying to save themselves.

One of the pods crashed through the roof of Niks apartment,setting his bed on fire.Fortunately,the robot inside it was destroyed during the fall,and its limp body just fell out and started burning with the bed.During this time nick was in the kitchen,listening to the news,saying how the city was under attack,and everyone in the south should imediatly look for cover,and everyone capable of using a weapon should head to the military base to be drafted.

Few of the pods crashed into the powerplant,and robots poured out destroying crucial instalations,leaving the city without its power.Swithcing through frequencies,Epsilon was able to catch parts of invaders talk,which suggested that theyve missed,and should attack secondary objectives.Oddly enough,none of the robots payed any attention to him.

Few of the pods crashed into the hospital as well,and one smashed inside the garage as Malcolm was starting his van,and luckily hit the van beside him.Slaming on the accelerator,Malcolm and his partner rushed out and into the chaos.Radio was full of screams and calls for medics acros the city.

After you decide where youll go,Ill give you your encounters,tailored by your luck,characters,and destination.

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Re: Gamemasters corner

Post  Daemian Lucifer on Sat Nov 07, 2009 2:40 pm

Facts about the world(for now):

While extra terrestrials are nothing new to earthlings,general populace is unaware of them(only some governments,corporations and militaries know them and trade with them).They have first came to earth in 18th century,and posed as some brilliant inventors.After this event,earth witnessed a stunning technological boom,and soon had not just electricity and moving assembly plants,but artificial inteligence,and small cold fusion batteries capable of powering personal laser weaponry,and vehicles.

Last queen of england,Elizabeth the strong,had disappeared on the 31. august 1997,during the liberation of barbaric lands of the frankish(quote by Taneb).However,she is still being remembered by some older people,especially those in the army,that still dont want to give full control of the country to private corporations,richest of which is TriCell.

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Re: Gamemasters corner

Post  Daemian Lucifer on Sun Nov 08, 2009 8:59 pm

In a surprising turn of events,while trying to pacify the invading robots,british spy has provoked them into starting self destruct sequence,which was a small nuclear device.The whole artificial island was destroyed,contaminating most of the britains east cost and surrounding waters.The city of gorleston was evacuated,and numerous civilians have died.Army,however,lost just one squadron that was disembarking on the island at the moment of explosion.The rest of the military personel got extensive anti radiation treatment,and has relocated to the west of Reedham.

After a few weeks,army spies have found out that the attack was organized by a group called Humanity Liberation Enclave,originating somewhere in france.They believe that earth is being slowly taken over by extra terrestrials,and want to prove it by attacking military bases and corporation headquarters all over the world,in a desperate attempt to kidnap one of the alien beings.Supplied by new weapons from MetalCorp and Weapons Unlimited,as well as top notch drugs from TriCell,a campaign to cleanse the world of these terrorist is about to begin.A full scale invasion of france is about to begin,and troops are beign moved to south coast and ships.

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Re: Gamemasters corner

Post  Daemian Lucifer on Mon Nov 09, 2009 12:48 pm

The party is on a mission to find and exterminate Enclaves sleeper agents in Le Mans.It is consisting of the squad leader Priscila Worthington,brute soldier Dumb Muscle,engineer Mel,radio guy Hugh,and APC driver Nik Yakuna.The APC is lightly armored(damage reduction 5 from armor piercing and explosives,15 from conventional bullets),and has a mounted machine gun turret(+4 damage,uses brains for to hit).Here are the stats for the two NPCs:

To hit +1
Damage +2
Hit points 18
Damage resisting 1
Initiative +4

To hit +2
Damage +2
Hit points 21
Damage resisting 1
Initiative +4
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Re: Gamemasters corner

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